The Coronation was a 2nd rate ship of the line, carrying an armament of 90 guns. Wrecked in 1691, it now lies in two parts about 800m apart. We have visited the site multiple times[…]

Hanover packet ship

Hanover cove on the north Cornish coast is believed to be the site where the packet ship, the Hanover, ran aground. Once discovered, the site was commercially salvaged. In excess of 50 guns were raised[…]

Rill Cove site

The Rill Cove site is a protected area close to Kynance Cove. The site was discovered after the trawler, ‘Kerris Reed’, sank there in 1975. Divers looking at the new wreck found cannons lying beneath[…]

Schiedam 1684

The Schiedam was a Dutch Fluyt that started life as an East Indiaman. It was captured by Corsairs (pirates or privateers), only to be captured by the British navy two weeks later. It was then[…]