Promoting maritime archaeology

Cornwall Maritime Archaeology

Maritime Archaeology for "One and All"

A non profit making group

Our Mission

To create a wider interest in Maritime archaeology.

We invite any divers to join us, on any of our projects, whenever we are diving. We do not charge, we do not make a profit, we do this because we love it.

Protected Sites

We have licenses to visit five different historic protected sites around Cornwall.


Our projects are wide and varied. We have investigated sites dating from the 16thC to the 20thC, with many more sites to be looked in to.

Forgotten Sites

Some sites have been forgotten over the years, for various reasons. We try to re-find them and get them back into the limelight.

Archaeological training

NAS Courses

With our connection with Atlantic Scuba, we can arrange to get you trained from a non-diver up to a level suitable to join us. Atlantic Scuba uses Cornwall Maritime Archaeology founders, David Gibbins and Mark Milburn, to teach entry level Nautical Archaeological Society courses to suitable trained divers


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Previous Projects


HMT St Ives

Bay of Panama

Falmouth U-Boats

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Future Projects

Although we would love to produce a list of our future projects, there are some things that are best to be kept quiet for various reasons. We are happy to talk face to face about these, this isn’t the place to advertise them.


Unknown metal object off Rosemullion Head


Tulip II, WWI minesweeper converted from a whaler


HMS Devonshire, 1707, 3rd rate ship of the line

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Research matters

Although we have some technology available to us, research will narrow the area down first. Research also saves time and money. Spending days at sea with an magnetometer might find you some ferrous items, a side scan sonar might find you something that stands up research will tell you what you are looking for.

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want to Join us?

What do we want?

Someone with an enthusiasm for diving, and a diving qualification suitable to join us for the project we are on. We do not baby-sit divers, you must be able to dive and dive well. You can arrange a qualified escort through Atlantic Scuba, which will obviously have a cost.

You do not need an archaeology qualification, nor be a dive professional, just to be fairly autonomous underwater.

If we are using a boat, you will be expected to pay your way.

we can do it

Get in touch

We use Atlantic Scuba as our meeting place, it belongs to Mark Milburn, one half of CMA. They have some of the equipment we need, including boats and air filling facilities. They have years of experience of diving in Cornwall and can train divers, they have pretty much anything else you might need or need to know.

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Why us

meet our Team

Our experts

David Gibbins

PhD (Maritime Archaeology)

David Gibbins is a bestselling novelist with a PhD in archaeology rom Cambridge University.

Mark Milburn

Dive Instructor

Mark Milburn is a multi agency scuba diving instructor, rebreather and technical diver.

This Could be YOU

Join Us

An awesome, inspirational figure that leads and sets the tone.

help us out

What next?

Up until now, everything Cornwall Maritime Archaeology has done, has been self funded. Joining forces with Atlantic Scuba has given us access to many tools to help us with our quest. There are still things we need, to increase our success rate and save time. These are costly items, we will eventually acquire these, when funds allow. Although we are not averse to anyone helping out with some loan kit.

"We are delighted to work with divers like Mark and David to help ensure that England's protected wreck sites are enjoyed and protected for years to come. They are helping to ensure that the story of the site is not lost and is known to a wider audience." Historic England's Maritime Archaeologist, said:
Alison James
Historic England's Maritime Archaeologist